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Graphic by Kash Patel

Laurier students take part in NHCA survey about health

Wilfrid Laurier University is participating in a National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey in an effort gain a better understanding of the health and wellness needs of students. Laurier participates in the NCHA every three years. The survey was launched on Feb. 11 by Laurier Student Wellness. The university released the following statement regarding the survey: “Laurier Student Wellness wants […]

by Pranav Desai· · News ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

Salt shortage in Waterloo Region a risk for residents

Due to unpredictable weather patterns which have caused dangerous road conditions, as well as a region-wide shortage of winter rock salt, sidewalk and road safety have become a pressing issue within Waterloo Region this year. This has left Kitchener-Waterloo residents, businesses, city contractors and commuters with the unfortunate consequence of dealing with more hazardous travelling conditions — and may have […]

by Aaron Waitson· · News ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

Breaking down the stigma surrounding genital piercings

Piercings of any kind — with the exception of ear piercings perhaps — have historically gained a certain amount of stigma depending on their body part placement and style.  There probably isn’t a more controversial piercing of choice, however, than the different variations you can get on male and female genitals.  These can range from the Prince Albert, a piercing […]

by Emily Waitson· · Arts and Life ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

Rethinking the problematic concept of virginity

University is a critical turning point in the process of “growing up” for most students. It’s the first time many students have moved out of their parents house and are living on their own, and have now become surrounded by a bounty of potential opportunities and potential relationships. This taste of freedom is accompanied by quite a bit of social […]

by Alyssa Di Sabatino· · Opinion ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

LSP survey digs deep into students’ V-Day thoughts

Laurier Student Poll (LSP) conducted a survey over the past week asking Wilfrid Laurier University students about their thoughts on relationships, sex, dating apps and their mindset during Valentine’s Day. The survey was conducted online and in-person, receiving 211 responses from various undergraduate and master’s students at Wilfrid Laurier University. 57 per cent of the respondents identified as females while […]

by Katherine Weber· · News ·
Graphic by Kash Patel

The evolution of sexual health through the ages

People have been having sex since there have been people. In general, the act has remained unchanged — though I’m sure new techniques have emerged since Fred and Wilma Flintstone went at it. What has changed quite a bit is the way people perceive sexual activity and sexuality. These changes in perception have had a direct impact on the health […]

by Kash Patel· · Arts and Life ·