Multimedia & Website Director

The Multimedia Director requires good time management skills, strong leadership and the ability to work with a team. This salaried position requires the individual to be self-motivated and respectful of deadlines. Candidates for this position must convey an understanding of how The Cord operates and have experience in web design, multimedia facets or have the interest in becoming highly proficient in the area in a short period of time. Candidates for this position must:  

  • Work a minimum of 15 hours per week in the office on Cord-related items, including production;  
  • Ensure that all print content is uploaded to the website by themselves with assistance from the Media & Website Assistant as well as ensuring the content reflects what is in print unless otherwise noted;  
  • Ensure the proper layout of web content; 
  • Generate and input online titles for stories; 
  • Continuously work to improve the design of The Cord website in order for it to be user friendly;  
  • Monitor and mentor the Media and Website Assistant and Graphics Editor;  
  • Monitor the visual layout of the website and suggest changes when necessary;  
  • Collaborate with section editors and directors to develop web-exclusive content that either complements or is unique to the coverage in the print edition;  
  • Understand the basics of reporting so they can act as the “reporter” for videos when a writer or editor is unable to do so;  
  • Have a knowledge or willingness to construct interactive multimedia tools and online graphics such as Storify, ScribbleLive and other interactive websites/tools; 
  • Knowledge of CSS, JavaScript and HTML are an asset; 
  • Work with section editors and photographers to get breaking news covered immediately for the website;  
  • Receive web-requests from section editors and ensure they are covered;  
  • Distribute assignments to Media and Website Assistant, such as preparing articles to be uploaded to and editing graphics for print covers and 
  • Be accessible to all Cord staff and maintain open communication;  
  • Show proficiency in WordPress;  
  • To use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic on website and report findings to the Editor-in-Chief;  
  • Attend editorial board meetings and meetings with the Editor-in-Chief;  
  • Assist in planning and administering training for Cord staff and/or volunteers;  
  • Be comfortable and efficient at allocating tasks. 

As this position does not necessarily give reason for the director to be in the office outside of production, meetings, and special events, it is encouraged that the Multimedia & Website Director maintains contact with the rest of staff. 

Serving the Waterloo campus, The Cord seeks to provide students with relevant, up to date stories. We’re always interested in having more volunteer writers, photographers and graphic designers.