Editorial: Making the most of our time at Laurier

As I enter fourth year, and hopefully my last, I prepare for another awesome year at Laurier but one not like the others.

Every year has had challenges but nothing has been as challenging as a worldwide pandemic. When challenges like this arise, I’ve learned how to overcome the big obstacles and look at the brighter side of things, especially with trying to make the most of my time at Laurier before this chapter closes. 

This can be especially hard when it’s your friends and peers that who you are excited to gather with at events — you know, that drunk college experience. This includes September activities of backyard “darties” or the street gatherings during homecoming weekend.

These are exactly the things we have been conditioned to attend, while now having to limit person-to-person contact and unnecessary exposure.

Therefore, this year for drinking shenanigans will be limited and we may have more to of a focus on the other factors of the university experience.

Although many things on campus are closed for our safety, there is still importance in making the most of everything campus will offer virtually. This is especially important due to the way in which our community has been restructured. 

So, make sure to take advantage of some of the opportunities we have on campus, like the writing centre critiques or the learning objectives at the career centre.

Now is the best time to listen and learn from these campus resources as an aide to educating ourselves more. Especially as we all pay for these resources as students through tuition, of course we should take the benefits of these opportunities.

Don’t take the opportunity to get assistance from the peers and staff on campus for granted — they’re here to help you with your Laurier journey. The community is, really are here to assist and talk through converse any issues you have. Even though some students really do think the @SpottedLaurier, has all the answers. 

So, as students, it is really important at this point to check your emails regularly to make sure you’re on track for this new campus experience.

Still having fun, but in new ways with clubs and events at on Laurier, is also important. This is what hen it really counts, depending on how much you put into the club and how much you are expecting to get out of it.

 I’m trying to learn this more to get the best experience possible, which includes some of those awkward zoom calls. Although many clubs are attempting to be virtual, there is still lots to be done in terms of getting involved.

While this year may be different and may even come with some disappointments, make sure to attempt to make this year the best it can be while getting involved as a Laurier student. From an upperclassman, make sure your experiences at Laurier count and help promote you to be the best.   

We sort of have an opportunity at Laurier to take things easy while but also ensuring we take this time to better ourselves as students and as people, Especially making sure we reach our fullest potential at Laurier and are ready for the next chapters of our lives.

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