Unsigned: Discussing Laurier’s efforts to be sustainable


With thousands of students and staff coming and going every day, Wilfrid Laurier University consumes tons of power and generates loads of garbage.

With this in mind, it’s comforting to know that Laurier is being cognisant of the amount of waste and pollution that it generates. Laurier recently won two awards from Sustainable Waterloo Region: one for their approach to public transportation and the other praising Laurier’s involvement with the bike share program.

There are several initiatives that the university is taking to make the campus more sustainable. Examples of this include the water bottle refill stations on campus, the reusable containers at Wilf’s and  the compost bins available in residences.

The university has plans to put solar panels on two buildings at the Waterloo campus: Bricker residence and the library. Not only is this energy efficient, but cost efficient, as well.

While Laurier is obviously trying its best to be sustainable, there are other areas that could be improved upon. The Terrace generates an alarming amount of garbage daily. At the end of the day, food that isn’t consumed is thrown out, as opposed to repurposed or donated.

Another issue is left over meals at the end of each year. Students who buy meal plans leave school without the ability to roll over left over funds to the next year, meaning the meals purchased in advance aren’t being eaten. The money is spent, but nothing is being given to the student in return.

It seems that the university is aware of ways to save money when it comes to power and energy costs. Strides are being made to become more sustainable and cost efficient for themselves, but not necessarily for their students.

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