Court decision on gay blood donor sets bad precedent

RE: Ban on gay blood donations justified, Sept 15

Ok so lying is bad and sometimes it’s really bad. A lot of people are going to have an opinion about what Mr. Freeman did when he lied to Canadian Blood Services (CBS). But the first thing to consider is the very scary truth that came out of that trial.

Public policies like those of CBS are under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Charter. CBS argued that since they are a non-government agency, the Charter is inapplicable to this case.
The loophole is the federal government invoking some spirit of democracy can limit rights where they see it justified. CBS won and now we have a new precedent.

How many companies and agencies are going to argue in favour of homophobic, racist, sexist policies because like CBS they are non-government organizations? When does our government get to limit our rights? When it suits them or suits companies?

This is a major loss not just to Mr. Freeman, but to entire minority or marginalized communities. I don’t support the ban that stops gay males from donating.

Randhawa you say what else can be done but eliminate highrisk groups.

I say give more comprehensive sex education. Give more support to communities at risk so they can prevent the spread. I say stop scapegoating gay men for an error CBS made during the initial HIV outbreak where they ignored warnings about the spread of a major disease and failed to screen accurately.

— Lindsay Brauweiler