The silver lining of the recession

Even in bleak economic times, important lessons can be learned. There are many unfounded criticisms that Western culture receives from the rest of the world and from self-serving “open-minded” intellectuals who criticise the West because it is the chic thing to do. However, one criticism that many cite is definitely true – that Western culture is far too materialistic. People […]

by James Popkie· · Opinion ·

Reconsider Values

The current economic crisis has forced society into a pivotal place where the values that will follow us into a new era need to be affirmed. In a time where the auto industry garners the front pages of media outlets for their bailout cries, the focus on investing in education during the recession seems to have taken a backseat. Under-funding […]

by Cord Staff· · Opinion ·

Students should be appreciated

Unspoken contention between Laurier students and Waterloo locals has surfaced again with April’s Northdale Strategic Planning session. The compiled results of the session propose ways to solve the housing problems that arise within a student-dominated environment. Waterloo – hosting two major universities and a college – is undeniably a student city. For eight months of the year, chaos tornadoes through, […]

by Cord Staff· · Opinion ·