Family needs to retain its importance in society

Some people today consider the family an inherently oppressive institution that is merely designed to instill conformity and discipline. There is a view that the traditional two-parent household in suburbia is an outdated idea and that having a family naturally restricts people’s development as human beings. It might be hip and trendy to decry marriage as inherently unstable and to […]

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Gents, you can be shafted too

She’s just not that into you. Girls, it’s happened to all of us. One of our friends has inevitably and undoubtedly admitted to us that the guy we’ve been dreaming about for weeks and (let’s call a spade a spade) practically stalking all month is “just not that into us.” Crushing, I know. So much so that Greg Behrendt and […]

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Explore social issues

Throughout the year, Laurier offers a variety of events that support diversity on campus. These are opportunities for students to seek out and educate themselves about important social issues. The Wilfrid Laurier University Rainbow Centre is hosting the transgendered awareness week in the concourse this week, which aims to educate the community about transgendered issues. Dignitas Laurier, a youth chapter […]

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Change perception of sickness for the future

With this year’s flu season well under way the effects of the H1N1 pandemic can be seen on the Laurier campus. Yet with all the media hype surrounding the issue, the flu has not hit with the intensity that was suggested. Maybe though, all the fuss has lead to something positive: remembering that we have a social responsibility to stay […]

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Friends don’t let friends text and drive

EDMONTON (CUP) – You take your eyes off the road for a half a second, reasoning that not much will change in the split second between glances towards your lap. Sitting on the dashboard of your car is your phone, buzzing away with text messages, reflecting the instant communication of the 21st century. But travelling anywhere above 50 kilometres per […]

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Football fans offensive

I would like to register my displeasure with the conduct of some individuals at the recent WLU playoff game. These individuals were using foul language throughout the game and in one case that I observed verbally abused a Western fan with offensive language. Moreover, there were several distasteful signs displayed and a seemingly popular t-shirt was worn disparaging Western with […]

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Political correctness helps overcome discrimination

Re: “Political correctness is superfluous,” Nov. 4, 2009 I also hate political correctness, I hate that people think that they are being anti-oppressive just because they are not using words that are offensive. While I would never condone the use of oppressive language due to the alienating effects that it can have on people who are a part of historically […]

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Football is promoted

Re: Football under-promoted, Nov. 4, 2009 Extensive efforts are made by the department and its student ambassadors to advertise these games. The department has already created a Facebook fan group and actively invites students and fans to attend upcoming games. Other advertising means already underway include a Golden Hawk Update section in The Cord itself and the Laurier HawkTalk e-newsletter, […]

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The displaced Canadian identity

There have often been questions about Canadian identity, since it is really just the combination of identities from around the globe; nevertheless we openly celebrate this diversity. Along with this multiculturalism comes diverse migration; if we look at being “Canadian” in simplistic terms, such as possessing Canadian citizenship, we’re faced with issues as to what constitutes a “Canadian” while abroad. […]

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Peacekeeping missions ineffective

Edmund Burke once famously declared, “All that is required for evil to win is for the good to do nothing.”  This Remembrance Day as we look at the world around us, we can see many instances where we in the West have failed, not by intervening too much but rather too little. Canadians believe that peacekeeping is the answer in […]

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