Anticipated new reads coming soon

Anticipated new reads coming soon

Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks This new novel, by Nicholas Sparks (most known for A Walk to Remember and The Notebook), tells the story of 32-year-old Russell who, from the outside, has a perfect life. He is in a happy marriage, with a happy and healthy child and a next-to-perfect career. In what seems like the blink of an […]

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Hollywood success requires actors being one with their character

To be successful in Hollywood, it is expected that an actor completely immerses themselves into a role in order to make the audience believe that they are actually that character, opposed to just reciting memorized lines. It is believed that being able to play several different roles while maintaining that level of believability is what makes an actor great, but […]

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What your favourite K-W bar says about you

Phil’s If you got Phil’s then you’re cheap and dirty, my friend, but that’s okay because that just means you know how to party. School gets expensive, so those generously affordable shots are perfect for you. Your ideal night is sloppy, silly and probably ends with several bouncers shoving you out the door. If you aren’t drenched in other people’s […]

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