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Laura Sedgwick: Great set! Was this your first time at CEMF? Pat Kordyback: It is. We heard a lot about it and it’s the place to be and very fun! LS: How does CEMF differ from some of the other shows you’ve played? PK: The sound was great. I know that sounds like a lame thing to mention but the […]

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WLU students play Warped Tour

For Timmins-born musicians Second Floor Escape, finding out they were slotted for a spot on the Vans Warped Tour was an unexpected surprise. With bandmates all over the province, including members Dan Dubeau at WLU’s Waterloo campus, Christian Scagnetti at WLU’s Brantford campus and bandmates at three other locations across the province, staying together as a band seemed – at […]

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When: July 24-26 Where: Guelph Lake Conservation Area Hillside, started in 1984, has become one of the largest festivals in Canada, with more than 50 acts performing over the weekend. According to artistic director Sam Baijal, the festival was started by local musicians who wanted to hold the event on somebody’s property that was located on a hill. In the […]

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‘Black and blue-eyed soul’

Success comes to those who wait is not a phrase that applies to Canadian rockers Arkells. Formed in 2006 at McMaster University, the new musical powerhouses have gone from opening for big-name acts like Matt Mays & El Torpedo to headlining their own major shows. Having released their first full-length album Jackson Square earlier this year – which has received […]

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Bruce Peninsula

Chanting, tribal cries and rough vocals only describe half of the sounds Bruce Peninsula exploit with every note. Using a choir along with a lead vocalist and instrumental accompaniment, the group – at times comprising 11 or more members – takes folk to new boundaries. “For us it’s about unique, original sounds,” band member Neil Haverty told The Cord in […]

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Cutting Edge Music Festival

When: Aug. 1-3 Where: Bingeman’s Camping Resort Cutting Edge Music Festival (CEMF) is no doubt striving to reach a variety of audiences this year with its diverse lineup – mixing renowned punk and metal acts like illScarlett, Kingdoms and Protest the Hero with hip-hop artists like The Roots and Lady Sovereign. According to organizer Carey Kurtin, the festival tries to […]

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Protest the Hero

Protest the Hero is the epitome of the boozing rock star stereotype combined with the honest integrity of a character like Lisa Simpson: an ironic duality to say the least. This paradox also describes the mentality that has skyrocketed them to metal-core stardom. As 12-year-old kids without much to do in Whitby, Ontario, the future members of Protest the Hero […]

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Dinosaur Bones

The Mesozoic era marked the appearance and extinction of dinosaurs. Millions of years later, Dinosaur Bones came into existence – the band that is. Time on earth: approximately 1.5 years. Dinosaur Bones formed when members Ben Fox, Joel Clifton, Branko Scekic, Dave Wickland and Lucas Fredette broke free from previous musical endeavors and joined together to form what is now […]

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Through the photographer’s lens

For someone who has travelled to Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland this summer in a quest to learn about the visual medium, I found it quite ironic to hear that there was a photography exhibit being held right here in my own backyard. Having been to many photography exhibits in the past I am quite accustomed to the regular layout, […]

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Maxwell’s music

Ask any entrepreneur about the challenges of starting a new business and most will tell you that the first year is always the hardest. For Paul Maxwell, owner of Maxwell’s Music House, the first year of business may have had its challenges, but certainly was a lot of fun along the way. Maxwell, who graduated from WLU’s business program just […]

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