Board of govoners winner not present for results

Scott Fleming was the successful candidate for the WLUSU board of governors. However, he did not attend the election results, so he was unavailable for comment.

Frank Cirinna, the other candidate who ran for the spot, was content with the results.

“All things considered, I love Scott death,” Cirinna said.

When ask by The Cord if there was anything he would change, he stated, “In all honesty, I don’t know if I could have put in 100 per cent of my effort because I am really busy.”

He explained that his focus on academics, his position on senate, extra curriculars and the Sigma Chi fraternity removed him from the election.

He expressed that while it was unfortunate that he lost two years in a row, he only lost by 50 votes, with 50.6 per cent of the votes declaring a win for Fleming.

“Everyone knows Scott, a lot of people don’t like me, maybe that was it, I don’t know,” Cirinna said, in regards to the outcome of the results.

He discussed that the board of governor position really depends on who the person is and while or not they are active, and Cirinna believes that Fleming will be active.

He is happy with the results of the senate, with the results of the board of directors, and, while he expressed that Annie Constantinescu will do great, the results for the presidential election were not his top choice and that he voted for Chris Walker.

“Its unfortunate, but it happens,” he concluded. “It’s just obvious, Walker is my bro.”

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