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Unsigned: Change in ancillary fees could put funding in jeopardy

Recently, the Ontario government under Doug Ford decided on a policy that will allow university students to opt-out of various ancillary fees. Ancillary fees are charges paid by students for administrative services, materials and activities that are separate from tuition fees alone. These ancillary fees range in cost and go towards various things, such as funding for the Athletic Complex, […]

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Photo by Eva Ou/Photo Editor

Zemar Hakim elected as 2019-20 Students’ Union president and CEO

Zemar Hakim has been elected as Wilfrid Laurier University’s 2019-2020 Students’ Union president and CEO.  Hakim was officially elected into the position on the evening of Jan. 24, at the #LaurierVotes Results Night hosted at Wilf’s, with over 50 per cent of the vote. Voter turnout this year raised to 23 per cent, in comparison to last year’s 22 per […]

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