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(Stephanie Truong -- Graphics Editor)

Oscars: Lincoln

Clocking in at around 150 minutes, Steven Spielberg’s historical drama Lincoln is much more than a simple biopic about one of America’s most beloved presidents. The film follows President Abraham Lincoln in the last four months of his life, as he tirelessly tries to abolish slavery before the Civil War ends. The film includes an excellent ensemble cast including Sally […]

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Gifts to avoid for Valentine’s

When it comes to picking out a gift, most girls squeal at the idea of receiving jewellery, chocolates or an adorable stuffed animal. However with boys, it’s hard to draw the line between “cute” and lame. Although I have justified Valentine’s Day as a “girl’s holiday” because of the Hallmark marketing scheme, it is blatantly rude to expect an amazing […]

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(graphic by Lizzy Cook).

Singles awareness

Let’s call it as it is, ladies. Is Valentine’s Day a day full of engaging in the showering of flowers, gifts, romantic cards and chocolate delicacies? Or is it just another day to remind us that yes, we are single. Well, of course. It’s what I acknowledge as “Single Awareness Day.” A day where the feeling of loneliness consumes our […]

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(Stephanie Truong -- Graphics Editor)

Oscars: Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty is the infamous film documenting the hunt and eventual killing of Osama bin Laden and it has been attracting a lot of controversy from the U.S. government over its portrayal of torture. While politics seems to be halting a lot of the Oscar buzz it received in its December limited release, the film is still one of […]

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(graphic by Matt Weir).

The Moment

As my best friend and I were gabbing over coffee, talking about her new relationship, she asked me how my dating life was going. I responded by saying that my last date undid his pants in the middle of the bar, so it was just peachy. She then asked me about a guy from a few months ago. I immediately […]

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The Naughty Prude: Valentines Day edition

Valentine’s Day is very often misinterpreted. Too many people forcefully emphasize materialistic gifts as a way to show appreciation and love. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is not how much money you can spend on your significant other. An alarming percentage of adults are alienated and insecure about not having a date come Feb. 14, a position I have admittedly […]

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(Photo by Nick Lachance).

Laurier closed due to severe weather

Early this morning, Wilfrid Laurier University announced that it would be closed for the day due to severe weather. As a result, all classes are cancelled for the entirety of Friday, Feb. 8. University-related meetings will not be held, non-essential staff are not expected to work and any assignments due will be pushed back to the same hour on the […]

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Students evacuate 21 Columbia close to 11pm on February 6, 2013. Unconfirmed initial reports suggested a fire on the forth floor caused water and possible electrical danger as the cause.

Columbia St. apartment building evacuated

Residents of 21 Columbia St. W were evacuated following a small fire in a fourth-floor unit, which set off alarms shortly around 8:15 p.m. last night. The fire was quickly extinguished, but according to tenants, the building suffered extensive water damage and flooding and possible electrical damage when the sprinkler system would not shut off. Just after 10 p.m. last […]

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(photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Student sickness survival guide

Sniffling? Coughing? Upchucking? Bedridden for what seems like the most important weekend of second semester? Or just sick and tired of being sick and tired? This is an issue that many students can sympathize with. The cold and flu season has reached the Kitchener-Waterloo area and is in full blow amongst the student body. Having the social butterfly reputation within […]

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(photo by Heather Davidson).

‘From art to food’

It’s just before 10 a.m. on Friday morning and as I join the hustle and bustle of Uptown Waterloo, I gather my surroundings. People going to class, driving to work, catching the bus or going about their daily errands. However newly established and nestled right in the middle of the action, Honey Bake Shop at 100 King St. south stands […]

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