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Laurier hosts TEDx

Achieve goals The Senate and Board Chamber was full of ideas on Sept. 26 as Wilfrid Laurier University hosted TEDx Laurier: “YesTEDay, TEDay & TEDmorrow: The Next 100 Years.” In the first of three parts, four unique speakers took the stage to share their stories with the audience. Serena Ryder, a three-time Juno award-winner began by playing her song “Sing, […]

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Cord Arts Movie Review: Johnson’s Looper delivers

For a movie that’s based on time travel, Looper’s writer and director Rian Johnson makes the smart decision to leave the mechanics behind how people travel through time out of the film. As Bruce Willis explains in the movie, “… if we start [explaining it], we’re going to be here all day, making diagrams with straws.” However, Looper is not […]

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(Photo by Nick Lachance)

Nuit Blanche: A search for the fake people

Having never been to Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s annual all-night festival in which artists transform the streets into a massive public gallery, I decided to plan my night in a different way. Covering such a large expanse of the downtown core, it is near impossible to see everything Nuit Blanche has to offer. So it was decided. I must find the […]

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Graphic by Adele Palmquist

Canada in brief: October 3, 2012

NDP support declines A recent federal poll showed the NDP is dropping four points to 31 per cent in support behind the Conservative party who polled at 34 per cent.  Since the most recent poll in June, the Conservatives gained one point. The Liberal party gained slightly, but remained far behind with 23 per cent support, and the Greens remained […]

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(Graphic by Steph Truong)

Room for improvement in kids’ rights

Last Thursday, the Canadian government met with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) in Geneva for a serious discussion and revision of the Government of Canada’s efforts to secure the rights and well-being of children in the country. A number of headline topics highlighted the discussion, including internet security for children, health and nutrition concerns, the status of First Nations children […]

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K-W staple returns

On Oct. 4, celebrations will officially commence for the 44th annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. More than a beer festival, it includes a fashion show, a five kilometre run for charity, the Thanksgiving Day parade, a treasure hunt and much more. Oktoberfest finds its origins in Bavaria, Germany. By royal decree of Prince Ludwig, the festivities were created to celebrate his marriage […]

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Talking mental health: Peer pressure after high school

Peer pressure occurs when others challenge your values and beliefs in a way that results with you doing something you would not normally do. People often yield to peer pressure to gain acceptance or live up to others’ expectations to be part of a certain social group. Contrary to popular belief, peer pressure does not end in high school. It […]

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Naturally thin? It’s all in your genes

It’s natural to be astonished when we see a slim person chomping down on a very high-calorie meal without worrying about how it taking a toll on their weight. It’s even more natural to want be that person who has no guilt in over-indulging in chocolate while the rest of us spend hours at the gym on a weekly basis […]

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Bag-o-crime: October 3, 2012

Property Damage: Location:  Residence Reported:  Monday September 24, 2012 @ 10:13 pm SCS is investigating a report of a broken bathroom window.  There are no suspects or video available at this time.  Physical Resources was notified for repairs.   MVC Location: Residence Reported: Monday September 24, 2012 @ 7:05 pm A female Laurier student reported minor damage to the rear […]

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The Cord continues partnership with CTV

On Saturday evening, the third installment in The Cord’s special series on the controversial student neighbourhood Northdale aired on CTV Kitchener. Click here to watch part three. The Cord has partnered with CTV to produce the four-part series, the final segment of which will air on this coming Saturday’s 6:00 news. Parts one and two are still available on the […]

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