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(graphic by Adele Palmquist).

Grinding should not be considered a dance move

As we near the end of the school year, the need for a momentary release before we are placed in our summer jobs will be sought after. The release of tension coming from the cramming of our brains will be most relieved through the acts of good company and perhaps, a little bit of booze. Needless to say, the idea […]

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(graphic Stephanie Truong).

‘I’m graduating, now what?’

For many of us, a significant part of our lives have been geared toward the preparation for graduation. University was what you were always reaching for, and once you were here, graduation was the end goal. Well, it’s finally here so now what? The moment we’ve worked towards for so long. So what happens now that we are faced with […]

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(graphic by Mitchell Cheeseman).

Where did all my money go?

Money is a strange thing. Perhaps this is because everyone wants it in order to feel secure or that everything in the world revolves around it or the fact that even our most simple tasks revolve around the products we have to purchase. I find it strange because I don’t see the dividing line of what I “should” be spending […]

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Police report the suspect was seen in the Noecker St. area.

Police looking for man seen peering into windows

Waterloo Regional Police are once again looking for a suspect caught peering into windows in the Noecker Street area in Uptown Waterloo. According to a police report, officers saw the man looking into windows in the Noecker area around 4 a.m. Friday morning. When the man noticed the officers, he fled. The suspect is described as white, approximately 20 years […]

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The SUV involved in the first accident.

Multiple accidents close University Ave.

University Avenue saw two separate car accidents within four hours of each other Thursday morning. The two collisions caused the street to close between Regina and Weber Streets. According to police on the scene, the first collision took place around 5 a.m. and involved a single vehicle. This accident saw the driver of a white SUV, traveling westbound (toward King […]

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Students make their way to the library to get started on their work (photo by Samantha Kellerman).

Staying motivated

Academic motivation reaches an all-time low during the last two months of the semester. The clocks move forward, the weather starts to warm up and thoughts of soon-to-be-summer flood your head. That mischievous little voice inside your head whispers “freedom is near.” Amid it becomes easy to let school priorities sit on the back burner. But lets face it, those […]

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Dating patterns

While most of us like to think of dating rituals as a game, I prefer to see it as a closet full of patterned shirts. The thing is, dating isn’t so much a game of snakes and ladders or RISK; it’s more like a pattern that keeps repeating. This metaphor can be easily compared to the materials hung up and […]

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