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Aaron Hagey

Aaron is The Cord’s News Editor and a fourth-year BA student who resembles a non-threatening cartoon character, similar to Timmy Turner. He’s like that wacky grandma you can't help but like who's slightly out of touch with current trends and has a bunch of cats. He enjoys staying inside of his comfort zone and learning about history.

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Uptown streetscape consults residents before construction on the city begins once more

Last week, the region of Waterloo released an online survey asking the city’s residents for their feedback regarding the ongoing uptown streetscape projects, to get a better understanding of the various needs, issues or suggestions for improvement that they might have for the uptown area. With the first phase of the uptown streetscape project being completed earlier this year, the […]

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Remembrance Day ceremonies commemorate the end of the First World War

For those who had laid a sacrifice of freedom more than a century ago, this past weekend offered a commemoration of the horrors our forefathers experienced so that we might have the opportunity to exist in an era of peace. This passing Remembrance Day, also known as “Armistice Day,” held on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the […]

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The Turret gets a facelift as the Laurier event space is revamped

For almost three weeks now, The Turret at Wilfrid Laurier University has been inching towards the final, closing stages of its construction and will be officially opening for public use by January of next year. It has, however, opened its doors for a “soft open,” for smaller-scale events and for use by clubs and associations, to get a better understanding […]

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Teaching and Learning Commons brings together resources for student achievement

In an event held on Thursday, Nov. 1 from 1 to 3 p.m, Wilfrid Laurier University unveiled the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) on the second floor of the newly renovated Frank C. Peters Building, their newest amalgamation of student success services and support teams. This new collaborative space will offer students easier and more accessible assistance, and combines the […]

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C3 Innovation Lab’s Waterloo Night Market is hungry for student connectivity

On Nov. 27 starting at 8 p.m., SE300 social entrepreneurship students from Wilfrid Laurier’s C3 Innovation Labs will be hosting their first ever “Night Market” for people to come together and enjoy a healthy social atmosphere with a number of other local businesses. According to their HAWKstarter page, the goal of the Night Market is “to bring together local food […]

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Inclusive DEO event endeavours to be a safe space on campus

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, between 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., the Rainbow Centre, the Centre for Women and Trans People and Laurier Students’ Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG) hosted their  “Love Letters to Inclusive Feminism” event at Wilfrid Laurier.  Located within the Macdonald House on the Laurier Waterloo campus, it offered a chance for individuals to come together, write, craft […]

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Movember at Laurier: What to know before growing your mo’ for men’s health

For the entire month of November, the annual event of “Movember” asks its community members to come together to discuss and increase awareness for men’s prostate and testicular cancer, as well as men’s mental health issues — and especially suicide. Both The Movember Foundation of Canada and clubs at Wilfrid Laurier University, like the Lazaridis Students’ Society — or LazSoc […]

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show continues its legacy after 43 years

If you ever see a collection of eccentrically dressed individuals sauntering towards your local cinema this Halloween season with a seemingly random assortment of items — rubber gloves, rice, toast, a newspaper, squirt guns, playing cards — and sometimes even hot dogs, then they might just be going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The movie, immediately recognizable for […]

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The results of Waterloo Region’s municipal election

Late Monday, Oct. 22, the unofficial winners of the 2018 municipal election were announced, putting Dave Jaworsky once more in the position of mayor of Waterloo and Tenille Bonoguore as the councillor for ward seven. Jaworsky won in a landslide victory at 17,307 votes, obtaining over three times the votes of the next candidate, Kelly Steiss, at 5,530. Bonoguore won […]

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Conestoga’s Waterloo campus has finally opened to the public

After 58 million dollars and just 18 months of construction, President John W. Tibbits of Conestoga College looks upon the recently finished addition to its campus, named in his honour, admiring 150,000 square feet of pristine Waterloo architecture.  In a ceremony held at the new campus on Oct. 18, the college came together in supporting the many contributors who helped […]

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