Aaron Hagey

Aaron Hagey

Aaron is The Cord’s News Editor and a fourth-year BA student who resembles a non-threatening cartoon character, similar to Timmy Turner. He’s like that wacky grandma you can't help but like who's slightly out of touch with current trends and has a bunch of cats. He enjoys staying inside of his comfort zone and learning about history.

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Photo by Sadman Sakib Rahman

Bike lanes installed to include cyclist, but doesn’t include safety

On Sept. 29, the City of Waterloo hosted a celebration between 6:45 p.m. and 8 p.m., honouring the official opening of the Uptown Waterloo bike lanes running along King street, an undertaking that has been part of the larger “Uptown Streetscape Improvement” joint-project between the City and Region of Waterloo.  This event was promoted and arranged by a number of […]

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Photo by Manraj Singh

“Meet the Candidates” event encourages students to get involved and vote

On Sept. 26 between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., the University Affairs Department of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union hosted a “Meet the Candidates” event for the upcoming municipal election candidates at the Paul Martin Centre on Laurier’s Waterloo Campus. The meet-and-greet networking event gave the electoral candidates for the positions of mayor, regional council and chair — as well […]

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Photo by Eva Ou

University of Waterloo brings in mental health kits to help students

It’s no surprise to students that mental health and wellness has become a greater priority for schools, as many students are currently or have previously experienced issues, especially regarding not knowing how to deal with mental health emergency situations when they occur. Because of this, for orientation week at the University of Waterloo, first-year students were given an emergency “health […]

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The Emmys are losing their appeal with television audiences

Last week, the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards aired, paying tribute to some of the most influential and talented creative endeavours in prime-time television from June 2017 to Sept. 2018. If you are, like myself, wondering how you missed it, then you’d be in the same boat as a number of people. This year’s Emmys were the least-watched in its history, […]

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Photo by Alex Trkulja

Incident involving fatal shooting in downtown Kitchener is being investigated

Waterloo Regional Police are currently investigating a fatal shooting in the downtown Kitchener area. The shooting occurred at the corner of Pandora Avenue and King Street West, an area located near Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. Police have not made any known arrests at the moment and are still in the process of evaluating the crime scene. A large section of […]

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Graphic by Kashyap Patel

When crowdfunding for a good cause goes wrong

We are living in a time where providing services for strangers, like driving them from place to place with the help of an app, or crowdfunding for any cause imaginable, is almost too effortless to do. Unfortunately, as with all things, sometimes the evolving conveniences of society come with downsides. GoFundMe, the website that gives people a platform to share […]

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See what gas prices are like here in our Waterloo Region

As a brand new term of school begins, some you may be feeling particularly light in the pocketbook. Went a bit too hard over the weekend? Moving in cost more than you thought? Didn’t get as much from OSAP as you were expecting? Or perhaps you’re just a fiscally conscious and responsible adult, as the rest of us ought to […]

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Evaluating the updates and upgrade to the Laurier Waterloo campus

In the past year, the Laurier Waterloo campus has experienced some significant progress in the ongoing construction and improvements to the university, including its overall efficiency, both in terms of energy and accessibility, as well as its aesthetic appeal. The construction has taken place both in and outside of the Frank C. Peters Building, the Turret, Veritas Cafe, 202 Regina […]

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Photo by Safina Husein

Uptown construction update: Bike lanes are now open to the public

The newly-completed, segregated bike lanes running along King Street in uptown Waterloo are now available for use by the public, after over a year of delayed construction. This construction is another phase of the uptown Waterloo streetscape project, a concerted effort by the Uptown Waterloo Business Improvement Area (BIA). Their goal is to make King Street more accessible for pedestrian […]

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Editorial: The value of your first job

For many people, a first job is a mere stepping stone in the river of unknowns that begin your journey into adulthood. It provides you with a sense of independence, responsibility, an understanding of how “the real world” works and what seems like the most important aspect — a little disposable income. In most cases, it becomes one of the […]

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