Her Campus creates 22 under 22

Her Campus is providing exceptional female students at Wilfrid Laurier University an opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve.

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Graphic by Joshua Awolade

Her Campus is providing exceptional female students at Wilfrid Laurier University an opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve.

This year, Her Campus has launched their first annual search for the 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring College Women, a list that aims to recognize female undergraduate students who have made exceptional contributions to their campus communities and beyond.

“We’re trying to find 22 women who are currently enrolled in undergraduate education that are really doing inspiring things, so whether that’s starting something on campus that’s really taken off, or giving back internationally, just really doing something that’s inspiring to their peers and mentors, etc.,” said Brittany Lewis, director of community development and strategic planning with Her Campus.

“Our goal here is to really highlight those women, through profiles on our site, hopefully some gifts from our sponsors and partners. It’s really just inspiring others with their stories and providing them with the recognition they deserve.”

Applications can be submitted on behalf of yourself or someone else through the Her Campus website until May 31.

“Whether you started a campus club, or you’re involved in something academic on your campus, they’re just really trying to find women who are well rounded, and who are pursuing things that they’re passionate,” said Her Campus Laurier editor Elyse Mulhall. “Here they can feature them, and say, ‘hey, this is someone who goes to your school they’re doing such an incredible job.’”

Though Her Campus Laurier is a relatively new chapter, its members are confident Laurier undergraduates have a shot at winning.

“We have so many students who are so involved and they’re so passionate about different things. If we could get even one student who was even nominated, that would be fantastic,” said Mulhall.

Her Campus is an online publication formed by three students at Harvard University, which in the past years has grown to become a global community for women with millions of monthly users from across the globe.

The Laurier chapter of Her Campus was formed in April 2014 by two undergraduate students, and has been rapidly expanding since its launch, with online articles varying from beauty advice and fashion tips accessible to all undergraduate women to campus-specific student profiles and St. Patrick’s Day content.

“So far it’s been really supportive,” said Mulhall. “The presence when we started was really receptive and the response from the students was really positive, so now we’re just trying to keep that focus up and sort of gear more articles towards what students want to see more of on campus.”

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