Mayor Brenda Halloran addressed the city of Waterloo last Friday, acknowledging the city’s strengths in what she called a “pillar” of success.
Waterloo residents, city councilors and other upstanding members of the community gathered at RIM Park for the annual State of the City address, with the proceeds from the event going towards KidsAbility, a regional not-for-profit association that helps to empower children and youth with various learning disabilities.
Before Halloran made her address, Josh Bechtel, a fifth grade N.A. MacEachern Public School student, who was the winner of this year’s Mayor for a Day contest, introduced Halloran  with his winning creative video.
“The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow,” Halloran expressed about Bechtel. “It is critical that we create a community for future generations to enjoy, and I believe we are on the right track to making this happen.”

After assuring Bechtel that he will one day make a “great mayor,” Halloran complimented the community’s low unemployment rate and the impressive breakthroughs in providing stable housing to those in need.

Halloran analyzed the city’s strengths based on the “pillars” she viewed as Waterloo’s greatest stepping-stones to success. She focused her address on technology, knowledge and education, finance, manufacturing, opportunities and culture.

“I believe the strength of our city lies within the pillars of our economic vitality,” Halloran said in her address. “These pillars empower us to weather financial storms, retain our current population, attract newcomers and grow a city worthy of global recognition.”

Halloran guaranteed the crowd that as mayor, she will continue her work to make certain that Waterloo remains appealing to its residents and those who visit the area.

With the promise that Waterloo’s relationship with China is stronger than ever, Halloran is also working closely with Canada’s Technology Triangle (CTT) to follow up on various business ventures.

As her address came to a conclusion, Halloran took the opportunity to express the love and pride she felt for the Region of Waterloo. She credited the residents of the city for the role they have played in Waterloo’s increasing and much anticipated achievements.

“We all play an important role in making Waterloo the great city it has become, each and every one of us,” Halloran said. “It is a city with a treasured past, a dynamic present and a bright future. It is a city that has strategic plans for the future.”

Halloran concluded her address by assuring Bechtel that he will one day make a magnificent mayor to a city full of prosperous growth.

Before exiting the stage at the end of her speech, Halloran’s husband, Fred Brandenburg, came on stage and presented her with an honourary Rotarian pin to thank her for her fervor and dedication to the city of Waterloo.

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