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The customer isn’t always right

The customer is not always right. Even in our capitalistic world, I’m not sure which societies truly believe the customer is always right, let alone established businesses adhering by the phrase “the customer is always right.” Sure, in some cases the customer is right. However, in my personal experience within the food service industry, the customer is usually wrong. The […]

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Unsigned: football team brings out the best of Golden Hawk pride

Parents are asking about our team. Students are streaming the games. Even if you aren’t interested in football, you likely have an interest in the winning streak. So are we jumping on the bandwagon? Or are we finally taking pride in our team? We think it’s both. Whether it’s true or not, our football team is seen as the underdogs […]

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Justin Trudeau’s role as a fashion icon

With today’s era of extensive media coverage of politics all over the world, there are added pressures and judgments put on large political figures. 2015 was the year that the spotlight was put on Canada, when Justin Trudeau was elected as the country’s prime minister. Not only is Justin Trudeau known for shadowing his father, but he has also become […]

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Benefits of mandatory community service

Benefits of mandatory community service

  Who remembers their mandatory volunteer hours from high school? I have vague recollections of volunteering at a soup kitchen a couple times and working at my church, but for 40 hours of my life, I can’t say they had any lasting impact on me. According to the Government of Ontario, the purpose of these 40 hours are to “encourage […]

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Unsigned: Creative writing is a pathway to success for students

Creative writing has many benefits for the average student. Whether expressing your opinions or using writing as an outlet, personal writing has a positive impact on your everyday life. Writing outside of the classroom can also be essential to getting a job after university. Essays are great in a certain context, but the real world is much less formal. Chances […]

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Why I refuse to give blood

While I was home for reading week, I was treated to a news story about my local hospital being the most generous in terms of blood donation. That’s heartwarming. Their slogan is “it’s in you to give,” after all. I’d finish that slogan as “it’s in you to give—as long as you’re not a man who’s had sex with another […]

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Editor’s note: Happy 90th to us!

Editor’s note: Happy 90th to us!

If you follow The Cord on Facebook, chances are you saw our post at the end of September that acknowledged our 90th anniversary as the official student newspaper of Wilfrid Laurier University. The past month or so, the staff at WLUSP and I have been planning the various ways that we wish to celebrate this huge milestone. While this issue […]

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Inmates belong in prison, not polling booths

When you are behind bars, you should only be behind bars, not in a polling booth. It is completely asinine to think we would allow deviants of the law to have a say in the representation of our country’s government and the formation of new laws.

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