The gruelling process of applying for OSAP

The gruelling process of applying for OSAP

The reason social workers consider poverty and homelessness to be a ‘cycle’ is because when you live in poverty, your entire life becomes about survival. Your next meal and where you will be sleeping become the first things you think about, taking priority over the longer term goals that could eventually get you out of the situation. Applying to a […]

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Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Brock Turner and his father’s pathetic plea

Last week, social media seemed to explode with those eager to voice their opinions about the Stanford sexual assault case. For those unfamiliar with the story, Brock Turner, a former 20-year-old student at Stanford University, was found guilty last March for three counts of sexually assaulting a woman in January 2015. Two weeks ago, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to […]

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Is universal income the way of the future?

With incessant news coming from south of the border, it’s not surprising that it took something as absurd as “elbowgate” to break through. Canadian politics, since Justin Trudeau became prime minister, could be described as so sunny it hurts. Even when there are things to gripe about, he and the reigning liberals just look so damn good that it’s hard […]

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Unsigned: Are gendered-segregated residences outdated?

The University of Waterloo’s Registrar’s Office was recently approached by a student who did not identify as male or female. This student was told that, in order to apply to be a student, a gender needed to be selected on the OUAC form. A motion has since been written for the application form to be changed and thanks to the […]

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