Photo by Victoria Panacci.

Three cheers for Pokémon Go

By now you have probably seen people walking around Waterloo in groups, randomly stopping at intersections and landmarks, with their eyes glued to their phones. Although not an uncommon sight, its what’s on those phones that’s making waves. By releasing this augmented reality game, Nintendo has seemingly solved a video game’s biggest downfall: lack of physical activity. I think there […]

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Photo by Paige Bush

Waterloo welcomes CTRL V, the first virtual reality arcade

Minutes away from Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, is CTRL V, a not-so-typical, recently opened, arcade. Step aside, Dance Dance Revolution and classic pinball; it’s time to make room for headgear, futuristic black lights and simulations that place you as the main character of a game. Headlining this new venture is Robert Bruski and his partners, Ryan Brooks […]

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Summer music festival survival guide

Summer music festival survival guide

Summer festival season has kicked off strongly with Ever After 2016 having just concluded at Bingemans. July and August, as usual, are the months of festivals, with WayHome and Boots and Hearts quickly approaching. Whether or not you are a festival novice, here is a festival checklist to live by: MAKE UP Everyone, listen up. Now, if you’re going to […]

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Tri-Pride festival coming to Kitchener-Waterloo

Tri-Pride festival coming to Kitchener-Waterloo

Summer after summer we watch many cities gather to celebrate LGBTQ communities around the world. This year there is a pride festival coming to Kitchener-Waterloo, also known as the tri-cities. Alex Chunaco, the coordinator of this weeklong festival, expressed how meaningful this event is for our communities. “Since 1995, pride festivals have had traditions of being held in the area,” […]

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What in the world is MLSB?

What in the world is MLSB?

Spending a summer in school at Wilfrid Laurier University can put a damper on some of our plans, however there are plenty of things summer students can do to enjoy the great weather. A long-standing tradition of Laurier business and administration students in the summer has been major league summer baseball, also referred to as MLSB. Many students, however, don’t […]

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Graphic by Jessi Wood

Floating to reprogram the mind

The quarter-life crisis hit hard. Questions flurried in my head. Is this the right path? Am I chasing the right thing? Will I find fulfillment in the end? Fermenting in frustration could only get me so far. Psychedelic experiences present the potential for brain plasticity, which is certainly a desirable state for many, but the unpredictable nature of illicit substances […]

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Graphic by Fani Hsieh

The advent of podcasting

They say history tends to repeat itself, but I disagree. Things don’t simply come back. Instead, they grow out of a historical soil enriched by lessons of years prior. In the 1920s, when radio first became accessible to the general public, it had a significant cultural impact. People made time to huddle around their crystal radios in order to hear […]

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Graphic by Joshua Awolade

Seven days of Soylent

What is it? Soylent is an all-in-one food replacement drink. Not meal replacement, but a food replacement. Creator Rob Rhinehart promises it contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to keep going. He argued that it doesn’t contain the fruits and vegetables we need, but vitamins and minerals. We don’t need bread — we need carbs. We don’t need […]

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About bloody time

About bloody time

Time of the month. Aunt Flo. Your rag. Monthly gift. Shark week. The red scare. Crimson tide. Are you uncomfortable yet? Every day, women around the world are menstruating. With the ratio globally being almost equal, nearly half the global population has a uterus, which means that nearly half the population will experience a menstrual cycle at some point in […]

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