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Photo by Paige Bush

A bad gift isn’t the end of the Christmas experience

It’s Christmas morning. You’re sitting with your family, gathered around the Christmas tree, enjoying each other’s company. The floor is littered with gift wrapping, and the time for opening presents is coming to an end. As you take the last sip of luke-warm hot chocolate, you can feel the holiday cheer begin to fade as you realize that Christmas has […]

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Photo by Luke Sazarin

Digitization of photography has not killed the value of the photograph

Gone are the days of gathering around the coffee table with grandma and grandpa looking at old photo albums, reminiscing on the “good ol’ times”. The once tangible book of memories is now stored digitally on websites such as Facebook and Instagram, collecting self-validating likes never to be shared again. Although this is the current stigmatism around Facebook albums and […]

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Comedian Jordan Foisy brings relatable humour to Princess Café

Comedian Jordan Foisy brings relatable humour to Princess Café

In celebration of their 10-year anniversary, the Princess Café has planned two stand-up comedy shows featuring some of Canada’s hottest up-and-coming comics. On Dec. 1, comedian and writer Jordan Foisy launched the stand-up series as part of his Standing on the Edge of Unspeakable Anxiety tour, in preparation for his upcoming comedy album. Inspiration for the inordinately named tour came […]

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Photo by Emilia Zibaei

The Paper Kites hold second largest show at Maxwell’s

The Paper Kites brought a dreamlike beauty to Waterloo’s Maxwell’s Concerts and Events on Friday night, inviting the audience to enjoy an intimate experience. Horse Thief warmed up the crowd with their greatest hits, most notably ending their performance with their latest song, Another Youth.

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Succulents: Are these the new pet rocks?

You’ve seen them at grocery stores and garden centres and chances are, you now have one on your bedside table. The Tamagotchi of your youth has now turned into a leafy, cacti-looking plant, a succulent to be exact. Succulents are plants with thick stems and leaves that help them retain water, quite similar to plants you would find in the […]

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